Shusha Normal

Shusha Normal is a Normal TrueType Font. It has been downloaded 89624 times. 882 users have given the font a rating of 4.64 out of 5.

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Another amazing and stylish hindi font that meets the requirement of typist and designers both at the same time is Susha Font. Shusha font was actually derived/ came after the city name “Shusha” which means Glass {कांच} . It is preferred by Hindi typist and freelancers. Many books publishers recommend this font to the writers. Over the period of time this hindi font has won hearts of writers, typists, powerpoint presentation creators and designers in India and other part of the world. This is a normal Truetype font with multiple versions, Do check them out !

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We also offer a Brief Set of Character Map for this free to download hindi font, where you can understand the overall workflow of this font. One can use this character Map as a Manual to type special character in this hindi font.

Font Information

Font Name Shusha Normal
Font Style Normal
Font Type TrueType
Font Embedding Installable
Font Tags Shusha,Normal
Number of Glyphs None
Font File Size 29.4 KB
Total Downloads 89624
Font Rating ★★★★★

Character Map

Character Map of Shusha Normal

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